Redirack Pallet Rack Safety Pin 4


Comes in box of: 50

  • Safety pin for Redirack pallet rack
  • Promotes warehouse safety
  • Fast and easy installation
  • In stock, ships in 48 hours or less

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Redirack Pallet Rack Safety Pin 4

Konstant HP Redirack Pin w/wings 5/16″ Diameter

Redirack Pallet Rack Safety Pin, also known as Konstant HP Redirack Pin features wings with a 5/16″ diameter. Redirack is a division of Konstant and is synonymous with Pallet Rack in Canada. Over 30 years ago, Redirack revolutionized the industrial storage industry by developing the Redirack design. The Redirack Pallet Rack Safety Pin 4 fits Master, MP and Redirak Pallet Rack systems.

Redirack Pallet Rack Safety Pin Installation

Measuring 1 ¾” high and ¼” in diameter, this pin fits the rack system by dropping into two aligning holes in the upright frames and cross beams in the pallet rack system.

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